Efficient waste management must be based on integrated planning and controls. Only an integrated hardware and software system which includes, manages and optimises all aspects of waste will meet the demands of the future: avoidance of waste, reduction of costs, fair fees, environmental sustainability.

As a pioneer in modern waste management, SULO has developed an intelligent hardware system with accompanying software to be able to serve the various requirements with a system. We enable our customers to organise the complete disposal process from container distribution and identification through fleet and route management to consumption-related and statutory fee invoicing on a single platform.

The software can be accessed via the internet or locally. It links all bin, weight, trip and invoicing data in a system. The resulting analysis and statistic evaluations enable you to plan adjustments to future challenges with utmost precision. It goes without saying that all data is consistently updated and every authorised team member can access it at any time and at various workstations.

Added value of our solution

  • A web access application without any on-site or hard installation
  • A single base to manage all data coming from users, equipments and vehicles
  • Highly secure infrastructure and servers
  • Continuous monitoring by Sulo of the quality of data transferred to the base
  • A secure web interface with real-time access to your data
  • All data remain the property of the customer

Your advantages at a glance

  • A single database to manage all your data coming from:
    – The users
    – The equipment (equipped with access control, RFID chips…)
    – Handpad terminal and mobile solutions
    – Vehicles (equipped with ID or Geolocation solution
  • A 360° view to access to all information of pre-collection and collection facilitating the decisions and management of your equipment
  • Access to decision-support tools to help you control waste management costs
  • A more efficient service rendered to the customers/citizen
  • A digital tool for optimal management: from geolocation up to billing.


Our software is a simple, reliable and efficient IT solution for managing all your data from the investigation and setting-up of pre-collection equipment, to the billing of users. It is fully adjustable to your needs concerning containers or trucks. It also gives you direct access to the real-time monitoring of the vehicles.

Equipment management

  • Tracking of field operations (movements, maintenance, implementations, washing…)
  • Remote access-control management
  • Monitoring visits to voluntary drop-off points (Access control)

Geo-positioning in real time

  • Real-time management and viewing of vehicle activity in the field (position, collected bins, kilometers travelled, activity underway…)
  • Feedback and use of sensors for various cases: presence of refuse workers, back step, body weight…
  • Archiving and consultation of all data from your vehicles
  • Tracking display
  • Activity timing chart
  • Activity reports and real-time indicators of rounds carried out
  • Monitoring the state of vehicles

User relationship / behaviour

  • Following up user queries
  • Record of bins presented for collection
  • Uploading bills for each user
  • Uploading a citizen portal (users access their personalised data)
  • Record of user’s access to Voluntary drop-off points equipped with Access control

Circuit / Tour management

  • Simple, graphic or imported modelling or theoretical tours
  • Management of theoretical circuits and comparison between planned and completed tours

PAYT (Pay As You Throw) Module management

  • Invoicing module (establishing invoicing rules, launching invoicing campaigns, carrying out regularization campaigns…)
  • Management of payments instruments (payment order, standing order…)
  • Public accounting interface

Collection data

  • Rate of bins presented per circuit, per community, per waste fraction etc…
  • Use rate of Voluntary drop-off points depending on areas, per fraction waste if equipped with Access control

Alert feedback and management

Embedded navigation assistance

  • Round displayed with collection instructions in truck cabin
  • Entering and reporting field data/incident feedback
  • Communication with teams through message service


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