Our special task force

The CITYBAC® range reliably covers all common collection and disposal tasks and also offers sophisticated special solutions for special requirements such as:

  • Hygienic disposal for clinics and practices
  • Highest security for confidential documents
  • Extremely fast and secure handling
  • Absolute adaptability for your desired volume

Reducing the footprint


CITYBAC® Special bins are 100% recyclable and are a resource for the production of new SULO bins. This way the cycle is closed. We call this approach CIRCULAR ECO, which reduces the consumption of fossil raw materials to a minimum. For the ecological development of cities and communities, this is a documentable plus point for minimizing the carbon footprint.


4 specialists for your tasks


hygienic waste disposal for clinics and practices



the benchmark for fast and secure handling



high security for confidential documents



comfortable adaptation for your desired volume




SULO bins are known throughout the world for their outstanding durability and robustness. This does not change with CITYBAC®. On the contrary. We ensure our quality leadership through a strict quality management system that goes far beyond the required standards.

Exclusive SULO label ensuring that all products fullfill the criteria of Cirular Economy including minimal use of virgin material.

SULO Langres is the first French factory awarded for among others the integration of at least 60% post-consumer recycled materials (bottles, lids, etc.) Today the use of 100 % postconsumption HDPE is standard.

The world’s most recognised environmental label for companies producing products of more than 80% recyceled material.

The certification of the RAL association proofs that strict quality and environmental criteria for bins have been complied.


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