Deposit management and tracking

Organise access rights and control your containers

Access control is an electronic system that authorises or refuses the opening of the drum of a container (buried or semi-buried) allowing the deposit of waste bags by users. It takes the form of a protected electronic box placed in the container.
SmartSULO Access communicates autonomously (via GPRS). The use of GPRS avoids any human intervention and makes the communication of information automatic, fast and secure.

Control and monitoring of deposits

Badge and card recognition

Access authorisation on presentation of a badge Badge/card recognition

Authorization management

Control remote authorization with the click of a mouse. You can grant or deny access to containers remotely via our SmartSULO Platform.

Identification and control of your containers

Your containers are identified by RFID chip. A reading device is integrated in your underground or semi-buried network.

Recording access and restrictions

The openings and closings are recorded and time-stamped.


Thanks to the recorded data, you can follow the evolution and the filling level of your containers.

Adapted to the incentive fee

Grâce au suivi des accès et fermetures, vous pouvez facilement comptabiliser les dépôts d'ordures résiduelles/ménagèresdes usagers en conformité avec les exigences de la Redevance Incitative. Vous pouvez facturé individuellement les usages.
Les données concernant les usagers sont stockées dans un Data-center sécurisé et sont conservées et protégées en conformité avec le cadre règlementaire Européen du RGPD (Règlement Générale sur la Protection des Données).

How it works

Organise access rights and control your containers


You decide on permissions

You declare accesses and make your settings. You manage and monitor access controls through the SmartSULO Platform solution.


We store and secure your settings

Your settings are recorded and transmitted to access controls


A user passes his badge in front of the access control reader

If you have given him/her the rights. This user can open the container door. If not, access will be denied and an information message will be displayed on the access controller.


The drum flap opens. The user can deposit his waste

The deposit information (date, time, user card number) is transferred to our secure servers.


You can view the access and closure data

The information in this repository can be viewed on the SmartSULO platform.

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