Vehicle-based systems

A wide range of on-board solutions to meet your needs

SmartSULO ID on-board equipment, installed on collection vehicles, allows the recovery of information (identification, weighing geolocation) with the aim of: monitoring, optimisation, operational decision-making and management of the incentive fee.

Modernise your collection vehicles with smart tools

SULO designs embedded systems that comply with international information system regulations.
SULO ID Smart systems are modular and allow the collection of information to make waste collection intelligent.

Manage, create tours and view your collection data

The digitalisation of collection services offers a global view of your equipment and your fleet of vehicles to optimise decision making.

Applications dedicated to the specific needs of the collection business

The integration of on-board systems on your vehicles brings intelligence to your equipment. The activity of your fleet is recorded and visible in real time.

Reliable and secure data to manage the incentive fee

Robust, reliable and efficient systems with an identification rate of 99.9% in order to manage the billing of users within the framework of an incentive fee

Onboard systems for intelligent collection


RFID chip identification allows collection data to be recorded and transferred to our secure data centre in real time.


The geolocation system installed on your vehicles allows you to follow the progress of collections, the location of your trucks and the details of the rounds carried out, in real time or in the past.


The installation of a dynamic weighing system or a weighing system on a frame makes it possible to collect the weight information that is essential for optimised management of the incentive fee.


The in-cab navigation system (tablet) allows drivers to carry out their rounds with peace of mind by following collection, guidance and safety instructions. order to analyse

The vehicle data

  • Vitesse
  • Sécurité (marche-arrière, présence marche-pied...)
  • Temps de pause...

The collection data

  • Taux d’identification des conteneurs
  • Lieu, heure, géolocalisation des équipements collectés
  • Informations des tournées : temps de collecte, ratio.

User and driver information

  • Commentaires chauffeurs
  • Informations de sécurité
  • Commentaires liés à une tournée
  • Problèmes rencontrés,...

Our solution

Optimising collection by making it intelligent

4 modules for a complete experience

Our Smart SULO ID offer integrates on-board equipment allowing the collection of information (vehicles/collection).

This information can be consulted and configured in our SmartSULO Digital Services application suite in order to analyse, optimise and improve your collection services and to invoice users (within the framework of an incentive fee contract).





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