The name for efficient waste sorting: CITYSPOT®

The mission of SULO is to create solutions for todays waste to be tomorrow´s resources. This way SULO CITYSPOT® recycling banks inspire the collecting and sorting of waste all over the world. We provide aproved, robust and efficient roto-moulded banks as well as innovative concepts of solid steel, that define a groundbreaking new way of urban waste collection.

CITYSPOT® made of rotomoulded HDPE


Roto-moulded SULO CITYSPOT® recycling banks made of recycable PEHD are the nonplusultra regarding flexible, location-independent collection of glass, paper, residual waste, electronic waste and much more. The CITYSPOT® range combines functionality and aesthetics at the highest level and impresses with its pioneering stability and robustness thanks to our innovative roto-moulding.


The enduring hotspot for waste collection

  • High longevity combined with an attractive price-performace ratio
  • Particularly resistant to wind, weather and UV rays
  • Ergonomic design for barrierfree access of children, elderly and people of determination
  • The self closing flap mechanism protects against rain water, vandalism and the emergence of fire
  • Total elimination of the development of odours and optimal noise insulation
  • Simple, quick and economic emptying in one-person operation
  • All CITYSPOT® recycling banks adhere to the European standard DIN EN 13071
  • Made of 100% recyclable Polyethylen
  • Made with a share of recycled material up to 100 %
  • ECO bank made of 100 % recyceled material


CITYSPOT® made of Steel

Innovative recycling concepts are designed to inspire inhabitants of modern metropolises to sort and finally recycle their waste. This way they are widely accepted as attractive hotspots of a modern and mindful lifestyle in dense city centres. Furthermore CITYSPOT® recycling banks made of robust galvanised sheet steel are also a perfect solution for areas, where security is a top priority, especially in isolated urban or suburban districts, which are most exposed to vandalism.

CITYSPOT® Steel – the inspiring hotspot of waste collection

  • Maximum protection and resilience with body made from galvanised, screw mounted sheet steel (fire protection class MO)
  • Perfectly equiped for the challenges of waste collection and sorting in all urban areas
  • Maximum space for customization and covering with recycling infos or artistic stickers
  • The self-closing flap mechanism protects against rainwater, vandalism and the outbreak of fire
  • Total elimination of the development of odours and optimal noise insulation
  • Simple, quick and economic emptying in one-person operation
  • All CITYSPOT® Steel recycling banks adhere to the European standard DIN EN 13071


SULO CITYSPOT® recycling banks

Hublo 3000


Hublo 4000















The new mobile urban recycling station

Unique aesthetics and functionality inspire citizens to collect and sort waste

Your carefree package


Clean and robust recycling banks are a must have for every city. To keep them attractive so that they inspire people to collect and sort waste is a major task. We  have developed an all-round carefree service package and with MARTI the first recycling bank, that can be equiped with access control for pay-as you-throw billing. Concerning solutions along the whole line from production to administration, SULO can provide the whole package: production, implementation, invoice, handling of customer data.

Our regular service and maintenence offers contain:

  • Implementation
  • Regular controlling, cleaning, washing, maintenence and repair
  • In the end of the life cycle recycling and replacing

Our digital service includes

  • Identification with RFID-Chip
  • Fill-level-measurement for optimized route-planning
  • Access control



SULO recycling banks are known throughout the world for their outstanding durability and robustness. All models meet european standards and are manufactured in production centers with the following certifications:

Bureau Veritas ISO 9001"
Bureau Veritas ISO 14001"
Bureau Veritas ISO 14006"
Bureau Veritas ISO 50001"
Bureau Veritas OHSAS 18001"
Bureau Veritas EMAS"
Circular Eco"

SULO allround wastemanagement

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