Closing the loop together

CIRCULAR ECO is the sustainability certificate of the SULO Group. It stands for our vision of a closed-loop economy in which today's waste becomes tomorrow's resource.


CIRCULAR ECO identifies solutions for our customers that get to the heart of our efforts to combine efficiency and sustainability. The new generation of CITYBAC containers is the best example of CIRCULAR ECO:

  •  100% recyclable and reusable down to the last detail.
  • Made of up to 100% recycled HDPE
  • Optimized ECO design for reduced material use
  • Easily repairable for longer life
  • Lower transportation costs due to increased stackability
  • Manufactured in a waste-avoiding and resource-saving manufacturing process
  • Promotes local supply chains

The bottom line is that the closed-loop CIRCULAR ECO is the ideal solution for customers who have made reducing their carbon footprint their goal.

- our daily drive

In our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, the entire process is geared towards implementing the CIRCULAR ECO principles. Here is an insight into our Langres plant, in France.


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Nothing is lost - recycling in two cycles

CITYBAC containers made from 100% recycled raw material are made at least 60% from bottles and packaging that they themselves have contributed to collecting, and 40% from discarded old containers and industrial HDPE waste such as pallets and the like.

Our ECO friendly recommendation:

Your optimal CIRCULAR ECO container: body made of 100% recycled grey RAL 7021 HDPE plus colored lid to identify the waste fraction.

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