Data Engineering

Base your decisions on intelligent indicators and improve your service

SULO supports you in your process of optimising the services provided to users by analysing the data from your business systems (Access controllers, Identification system, collection...).
Our DATA Management division is expert in fault detection and data supervision on French vehicles and access controllers.

Data intelligence and analytics

The analysis of your data helps you to make decisions and to improve the satisfaction of your users. For example, you can limit and sometimes avoid certain breakdowns.
You can also monitor third party services, evaluate their performance and make informed decisions for future collaborations or contracts.

Relevant indicators, tailored to business needs

SULO has been serving the waste management industry for over 35 years.
Our data management experts have implemented monitoring tools to ensure our clients have complete control over the quality of the entire data chain.
Precise indicators have been created, which can be customised by our experts according to the needs and activities of our clients in order to guarantee maximum quality of service.

Optimize your costs

Transforming your data into information allows you to better understand the functioning of your fleet to optimise your costs.
For example, with location data you can improve your routes to reduce costs.

DATA engineering

What is it?


Data collection

SULO collects data from various sources. The more data we collect, the more information we can extract that is relevant to you for process and cost optimisation.


Speed of data inflow

The speed at which the data flows. The higher the speed, the faster we can process the information in our data and analysis platform and implement it in your performance indicators.



The more varied the data, the more we are able to provide you with a variety of appropriate indicators.



Reliability and the different levels of frequency of data collection.
Data must be consolidated, clean, consistent and up to date for indicators to be accurate.

Data engineering helps you to


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de vos équipements


your endowment


the costs

How does it work?


The identification system, consisting of reading antennas, collection sensors and readers, is monitored by supervisors and their analysis tools. This supervision, consisting of a progress indicator and an alert, makes it possible to quickly identify possible failures and limit data leakage.


Les experts en supervision de données contrôlent quotidiennement que :

  • toutes les données ont été envoyées par les systèmes et sont intégrées dans la base de données.
  • Les données sont analysées qualitativement pour s'assurer de leur exhaustivité.


Discover our 2 packages, and choose the one that suits you.

Basic: This offer is integrated when you subscribe to an identification systems contract.

Service: You want more advanced supervision and more complete reporting of indicators.

Your benefits

Monitoring, data supervision

Thanks to the collection of data from embedded systems (geolocation systems, collection boxes, access controls, chips, etc.), our team supervises the quality of your systems by analysing quality indicators.


A daily supervision report will be provided to enable you to monitor the activity and its effectiveness.

Insights pertinents

Our Data Intelligence team will provide you with relevant information tailored to your needs. We will provide you with reports, dashboards and data visualisations.

Redevance incitative

Issuance and automatic control of issued invoices

KPIs on demand

Real-time analysis to handle large volumes of data on a continuous basis Needs analysis and creation of indicators based on different data sources and volumes

Early detection of errors and failures

If a system failure is detected, collection services are immediately alerted to prevent data loss and advised on how to get the system back up and running as quickly as possible.

Our packages

Discover our 2 packages



Cette offre est intégrée lors de la souscription d’un contrat de systèmes d’identification. SULO vous donne les outils pour accéder aux éléments clés de votre gestion de la collecte.


  • Évolutions du parc
  • Emailing




You wish to have a more advanced supervision and a more complete reporting of the indicators in order to offer the best services to your users and to optimise your costs.


  • Developments in the stock
  • Emailing
  • KPIS
  • Supervision reports
  • Annual operating reports
  • KPI customized
  • Maintenance review


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