RFID chip identification

SULO offers a wide range of solutions based on RFID technology in compliance with market standards (chips, stickers, key fobs...).

The different frequencies we offer are a guarantee to adapt to your business needs (13.56 Mhz, 134.2 Khz, UHF ...) in compliance with the EN14803 standard.

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RFID chip identification, the first step to optimising your processes

Identify the containers and bins in your fleet to collect data and usage

Equipping containers or bins with an RFID chip allows you to identify each piece of equipment (bins, containers, etc.) individually and to track data relating to their location, collection and maintenance.
The data is collected and transmitted via the SULO identification systems, which can be configured and consulted via our SmartSULO Digital Services application.

Manage collection permissions and improve your services

Each piece of equipment fitted with an RFID chip is identifiable via a unique number linked to your user database. The data collected is of the following type: time/day of collection, GPS position, weight, etc. This identification and association in the database via this unique number also allows the management of collection authorisations (black list, white list, etc.).

The identification of a collection is also the first step in setting up the incentive fee (management and issuing of invoices via Smart Sulo City)

Manage your business needs

SmartSULO Digital Services is the application suite developed for the needs of waste collection companies, giving you web-based access to collection data, current contracts, equipment and the user database.

The SmartSulo Digital Services offer also allows:

  • the visualisation of collection data in real time and in history
  • the monitoring of the fleet of vehicles in real time and in history (per round, per vehicle, per period)
  • and many other functionalities

You can also monitor the activity of your fleet in real time and optimise the management of waste collection.

How it works

RFID chips

RFID technology uses radio waves to collect and transfer data without human manipulation. Our RFID system consists of a chip/tag installed on your equipment. The chips are identified by the reader, and the collection information is linked to the user via the database. You then have access to all your data through the SmartSULO Digital Services platform.

3- Empty bin

2- Identified bin

1- Bin presented

Collection process

RFID technology allows a chip to be read in order to link it to information about the chip's unique identifier stored in the resident database.

The reading of a chip during the collection of a bin takes place in 3 steps:

  • The bin equipped with the RFID chip is positioned on the container lift at the back of the truck
  • The RFID chip is read and confirmed by the reader located on the container lift
  • The bin is emptied and the collection information is transmitted to be linked in the database with the unique identifier number of the chip corresponding to the waste producer.

Error and Anomaly Prevention

During a collection round and in the event that the collection of bins without chips is not authorised, or that the chip of a bin is blacklisted, the container lifter blocks (blocking mode). In this case, the event is recorded and the driver can force the collection. The information that a blacklisted bin or a bin without a chip has been collected is recorded for verification in the SmartSulo City application.

RFID chip identification


For the identification of a wheeled bin, the chip is installed in the dedicated slot under the bin's comb in accordance with EN840.
As the RFID chip is protected, it is tamper proof and robust.

Various frequencies

We offer a wide range of RFID chip designs covering the most suitable frequencies for your project.

Easy Reading

With the reader installed on the container lift (SmartSULO ID) or with the help of a manual RFID chip reading system (SmartSULO reader), the information is read at a rate of 99.9%.
All SULO chips are readable by all RFID readers on the market in accordance with the EN14803 standard

Collection control

Identifying your equipment with RFID chips is the basis for accurately identifying each bin in your community, as well as its emptying data.

Unique identifier

Each chip is recognisable when read via a unique standardised alphanumeric identifier.

Adapted to the incentive fee

In accordance with the requirements of the Incentive Fee, users' bin collections are recorded, geolocated and historically recorded. Personal data concerning users is stored in a secure data centre and is kept and protected in accordance with the European regulatory framework of the RGPD (General Data Protection Regulation).

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