Bin identification through RFID Chip

Efficient waste management starts with a bin being clearly identified. The proven RFID transponder technology by SULO provides the perfect preconditions for this and solution for it. With 10 million units installed around the world, it is one of the ground­ breaking and most used solution on the market. The chip is concealed in the bin’s DIN comb in a protected place and make the link with all the information registered and stored in your database of user. In this way, it enables reliable information by the SULO identification and weighing system or by a mobile handheld reader. SULO manufactures and provides all kind of normalized RFID solutions with various frequencies based on your needs and requirements (Chips, stickers etc…)

Being equipped with the RFID transponder chip lays the basis for precise recognition of each waste bin in your community, including all emptying data. Each bin has a globally unique ID number related to a location. The knowledge of data, time and GPS position of the emptying prevents illicit emptying and allows you to receive precise information for your usage-based invoicing.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Simple installation and resistance to heavy duty conditions
  • Full range of RFID chip and solutions (frequency, type)
  • Globally unique ID number linked to a location or a citizen
  • Compliance with the latest certifications
  • Readouts by a handheld device or identification reader installed on the truck
  • Prevents emptying of non-registered bins
  • A first step to the “pay-as-you-throw” system


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